Silver Square LED Light Base

The Silver Square LED Light Base has a mirrored top to reflect your beautiful crystal with white LED lights.

The Silver Square Base is 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 3cm and takes 3 AAA batteries (included).  It does not have a power adapter option.

The Silver Square Base is suitable for:

  • Small Rectangle – Tall and Wide
  • Medium Rectangle – Tall
  • Heart – Small and Medium
  • Diamond – Small and Medium


Comparison of LED Light Bases

LengthWidthHeightAdapter PortAdapter IncludedBattery TypeBatteries Included
Silver Rotating Base10cm10cm4cmyesyes3 AAno
Silver Square Base5.5cm5.5cm3cmnono3 AAAyes
Silver Rectangle Base7cm11cm3.7cmyesno3 AAyes
Small Wooden Base12cm10cm3cmyesyes3 AAAno
Medium Wooden Base16.5cm12.6cm4.5cmyesyes3 AAno
Large Wooden Base23.4cm12.6cm4.5cmyesyes3 AAno
Extra Large Wooden Base31.4cm12.6cm4.5cmyesyes3 AAno
Sizes are approximate
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