3D Crystal Notched Rectangle Tall

It is important to share memories and milestones in life with a loved one.

The highest-quality crystals from Everlasting Engravings are the ideal way to preserve a moment in time for yourself and future generations.

Using the most advanced HD laser etching technology, Everlasting Engravings creates original, customized photo crystals.

With its faceted edges, the 3D Notched crystal transforms cherished moments into something truly special.  Its elegant design is crafted from 100% pure K9 crystal.

Our HD subsurface laser engraving process produces a precise, stylish finish to your photo, which is enhanced even further with a light base for a beautiful centrepiece on your desk or mantel.

The Notched crystal is the perfect gift for commemorating special dates, memories, wedding anniversaries, or for a personal memento for a pet or loved one.

The Notched Rectangle Wide is 18 x 13 x 3cm.

The Medium Wooden LED Light Base is most suitable for it.


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