3D Crystal Rectangle Tall

It is important to share memories and milestones in life with a loved one.

The highest-quality crystals from Everlasting Engravings are the ideal way to preserve a moment in time for yourself and future generations.

Using the most advanced HD laser etching technology, Everlasting Engravings creates original, customized photo crystals.

One of our more popular shapes! There are seven different sizes of our High Definition 3D Rectangle Shaped Crystals. These can be engraved vertically or horizontally, so you will be able to choose the right size for any occasion – whether it is a small memento for a friend to a large wedding photo for the mantel, or a corporate event.

Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, milestones such as graduation, or remembering a favourite pet. Β This shape is sure to please!


Crystal SizeSuggested Base
SmallSilver Rotating Base
Silver Square Base
Silver Square Base
MediumSilver Rotating Base
Silver Square Base
Small Wooden Base
LargeSilver Rotating Base
Medium Wooden Base
Extra LargeSilver Rotating Base
Medium Wooden Base
MantelLarge Wooden Base
Grand MantelLarge Wooden Base
Extra Grand MantelLarge Wooden Base
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