We use sophisticated state-of-the-art software and machines.  Two laser beams are directed from different angles at a set plotted point in your chosen shape. This creates miniature fractures. These millions of tiny fractures create your 3D memories inside your Crystal.

Our crystals are made from the finest K9 Optical Glass, known for its hardness and high clarity, to ensure the finest quality product,  meant to last a lifetime.

No!  Your crystal structure of the etching will last a lifetime.


The crystals are glass, and as such, they are fragile and should be handled with care.  Put it in a safe area to be displayed as the beautiful piece that it is.

The best way to display the beautiful detail in the crystal is against a dark background with one of our LED light bases.  This will allow it to be a centrepiece any time of day or night.

Email us at support@everlastingengravings.ca

For your convenience, we offer three shipping options:

Free Shipping (Up to 36 hours processing, 3-7 business days shipping)

Expedited Shipping $9.99 (36 hours processing, 2-4 business days shipping)

Express $19.99 (36 hours processing, 2-3 business days shipping)